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Have You Outgrown Your Current IT Support Guy?

Are you constantly aggravated by never-ending computer problems in your office?
Is your Website or Internet Marketing Not Producing the results you were promised?
Do you just want this stuff to work the way it’s supposed to so you can go back to work?


We get it. If this is you give us a call right now at (850) 224-1008 and let us show you the difference our award winning On Call Complete™ outsourced IT support can make.

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If you have problems like these, then we want to give you a FREE 2-Hour Service Experience to PROVE we can make your computer technology work better than before. Just give us a call at (850) 224-1008 and one of our senior technicians or internet marketing experts will setup an appointment time immediately to solve your problem.


Some People Say We Are Crazy!


Some people think we are crazy for offering free services. They say, “Aren’t you afraid people will just take advantage of you?” The truth is, some people might – but we know that most business owners and office managers are just honest people trying to find someone they can trust to fix and maintain their computer network or help them with internet marketing.



That’s why I’m making this offer. I know that On Call is hands down the best at what we do – we’ve been awarded best computer services company 6 times in the last 5 years; but I don’t think it’s fair for you to risk your money to find out. I don’t expect everyone to become a client, but I know that some will end up becoming loyal, long-term clients like many of the people featured in testimonials throughout this website. I want to see your face here soon as not just a happy customer but a raving fanatical fan of how awesome our service is. I know I can get you there if you just give us a chance!



We work closely with hundreds of businesses in Tallahassee, Florida as their Trusted Technology Adviser. We help them literally create more time, be more productive, and produce more profit. In fact, the average client in our On-Call Complete IT Management program saves tens of thousands of dollars per year and realizes substantially higher profits during their first year of using us.


Activate Your 2 Free Hours Now And It Will Be Good For 1 Full Year!

To secure your 2 free hours of technical support, simply complete the form above or call our local Tallahassee, Florida office (located in Midtown!) at (850)-224-1008 today. Activating your free support will only take a minute, but it could save you a lot of frustration (and money) when you need it most.

Yours In Business,

Michael A. Frieder

President, On Call Computer Solutions, LLC


P.S. There is NO obligation to purchase anything or to ever use our services again. Heck, if you don’t absolutely, positively think we are the best computer service company you have ever had in your office, ever, you can let me know about it personally! Here’s my cell phone number: (850) 321-8708, right on the front page of the website. That’s how confident I am about our services and, most importantly, it’s how much I care about making sure you are satisfied.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

For years I have been very impressed with the service level from On Call ...and they have always worked quickly and effectively to resolve IT issues in our busy medical office. Their typical response time to any emergency we have ever had has been an hour or less. They are always accessible with a phone call or email and are always ready to discuss any computer and technology issues that arise and explore cost-effective solutions. They have been with us for years through the growth of our network and have helped us recover from total server crashes and other worst case IT scenarios. Their on staff expertise in HIPPA, HITECH, and PCI Compliance allows us to know that we are operating in the safest possible way with the best team in the business backing our network. Our choice of IT Support Provider is On Call Computer Solutions and it has been a great choice for our business since day one. Dr. Dennis Fiorini Fiorini Chiropractic Center
What I like most about On Call is the quick response time...and the service of the field crew handling problems that occur within our computer network. I get the "WOW" experience every time I call or request service, not just a quick fix. On Call has been our outsourced IT Support since 2006 and also provides us with a complete array of hosted cloud solutions as well as IT Consulting on some of our larger initiatives. Whenever our board has a technology question we pull in one of the CIO level folks from On Call for advice. There ability to staff both business knowlege and IT knowledge under one roof as proved incredibly valuable to our organization and we have never heard or met another company in the small business arena that has the array of expertise that On Call does. Bill Wertman Alzheimer's Project, Inc.
They amaze me with their ability to adapt and provide every solution we need...and ready to help at any time we needed them, which is extremely important to our law practice. On Call has always analyzed the situation and helped us make decisions based on what would be best for our firm. They understand how law firms big and small operate, were already familiar with our practice management software, and frequently brought valuable knowledge to the table about how we could better run our firm from a technology perspective. With On Call we have a technology partner that has truly grown with us and allowed us to go from a state of technology paralysis to an ability to leverage technology as a competitive advantage that has allowed us to grow. Claude Whited The Pfeiffer Law Group
We have been very satisfied using On Call as our technology partner of choice since 2007. They provide us with a complete array of hosted cloud solutions along with a fully outsourced IT department that keeps our two companies with over 100 employees going every day. Thanks to their proactive approach to IT Management our systems stay up and running more reliably than with any previous IT vendor we ever had. Over 7+ years we have experienced some of the worst IT Disasters you could imagine from on premise network outages to complete server failures and each and every time there has been a problem On Call has been there to rescue us and get us back up and running without major down time or drama. Their array of talent spans everything we need from basic help desk support to advanced network engineers, to business class CIO level talent. This has been critical assistance as we have scaled up our businesses over the years and On Call has been a very valued part of our decision making. Randy Martin SureGrip Floor Safety Solutions and Professional Building Maintenance

Confused About Choosing An IT Service Provider?

Are you researching IT companies and struggling to figure out the difference between them in order to make the right decision? We feel your pain.

After serving thousands of business clients through more than a decade we have learned that it is hard to know how to tell what provider will be great and what provider could lead to disaster later.

President and CEO of On Call Computer Solutions, Michael Frieder, has authored what is considered by many as the definitive guide to choosing the right computer services company for your organization. Having built and run one of the most successful IT Management Firms for small business on the east coast, Michael personally gives his recommendations from the inside on what to look for in your next service provider. He will show you how to shop like a pro and know the difference between who will do a great job at managing your technology and warning signs to watch out for that your provider may be an amateur leading you to disaster and down time later. Want to learn more? Click here to learn how to get a free electronic copy right now...

Why Choose Us For Your IT Support Needs?

With so many companies out there doing computer repair and websites how do you tell them apart? Here are the top 12 reasons why hundreds of businesses choose On Call Computer Solutions:

Choosing a computer support provider

  1. We Provide MASSIVE Value – The phrase “you get what you pay for” just doesn’t apply to a relationship with On Call. Our products and services are built to deliver massive value for your IT dollar. Want hosted exchange cloud email and you want it backed up? It’s included. Want both off site and on site backup for your entire office and you want a real person to monitor it every day? We don’t charge anything extra, that’s included too – even the equipment. Want unlimited hours? Yup. How about a telephone help desk where your entire staff can call in and get help remotely on demand – that’s included too. Want network wide virus protection, spam filtering, phishing filter, server monitoring, and website filtering? We give you the entire network appliance and all of the licensing! It doesn’t stop there, we give you a dedicated staff of people with multiple areas of expertise to use at your convenience for anything from basic questions to complete project management. Got a technology vendor that isn’t pulling their weight? We’ll take ownership of the problem and get it solved for you. Simply put, we guarantee that when you turn on our On-Call Complete program it will bring Massive Value to your organization.


  2. We Care – Our business started out as a part time small business and has evolved since 2003 into the most award winning IT Management Firm in the region. We know what it’s like to be small, we know what it’s like to be growing, and we know what it takes to make that happen. We also know that we would not be anywhere near our current size if our clients hadn’t grown with us. When you bring On Call into the equation you are not just hiring a computer company to fix stuff, you are adding a trusted technology adviser to your successful team. We are in business too and have some of the same issues you do even aside from the technology. We are here not just to be a vendor, but to be a partner, and a friend in business. Our goal is to be your trusted technology adviser for life. In fact, here is the president of the company's (Mike Frieder) personal cell phone number – (850) 321-8708. If you have an issue, question, or concern, Mike wants you to know that he is accessible and cares about every single client that On Call does business with.


  3. We GUARANTEE a 1 hour emergency response time – If you are one of our On-Call Complete clients you no longer have to worry when you have an emergency or major issue come up because we guarantee that a technician will be working to resolve your IT emergency within 1 hour, no exceptions, and we do it every day. Just ask our clients.


  4. We give you Flat Fee, no guesswork pricing – No matter how many hours we spend or what major projects you have going on – server installs, office moves, etc. the price stays the same. If you are on our On-Call Complete plan that means your IT Budget can stay steady all year round and you can actually have a reliable budget. No more financial surprises, overtime, sick time, vacation days, or even unexpected absences. For one flat fee you turn us on and start getting back your time and being more profitable.


  5. One Company, One Call, We Take Responsibility, And We Solve It All – Sounds too good to be true right? If you are tired of vendor swell, not knowing who to call, and the dreadful finger pointing then you just have to experience our On-Call Complete service. First, we manage the computer technology, website design, internet marketing, copier/printer management, equipment/software acquisition, business strategy development, internet connection, email, and every other piece of technology in your office. Then we work with you on all of the billing to find places where we can help you reduce your ongoing costs and save you money. We will literally pay for ourselves! Then we work with management and leadership to help you utilize the latest technology to create competitive advantages in your market and make your company more productive and profitable as a whole.


  6. We scale to meet your needs – Our pricing model scales as you do which means that you only pay for the services and support you need. When you take on a big job and need support for an extra 5, 10 or 100 new staff, we’re there instantly. Need to shrink back? No problem. Our month to month agreements assure you that you will never be hung out to dry on long term contracts or "locked in" to our service. If we aren't delivering to your level of satisfaction you can leave any time.


  7. We don’t react, we pro-act – Our extensive monitoring system and Network Operations Center (NOC) allow us to see problems and fix them before you even notice they are there. Our proactive approach guarantees you less down time than you have ever experienced before and also allows you to have the ability to check in and see the health of your network any time you like through our remote monitoring tools. In addition, we will help you proactively budget for new equipment so that there are no big expensive surprises down the road.


  8. We are a Dell Federal Premier Partner – What does this mean? It means that we are able to offer better pricing than anyone else on Dell computers and servers because we are buying on a nationwide level at the same rate the government pays. In addition, we have unique access to higher levels of support than any other partner level Dell offers. This translates into better and faster support on your computers, lower prices, less down time, and increased profitability when it comes to the bottom line.


  9. We are a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist – This means that we have special training in the specific needs of small business networks. We have special access to Microsoft support and products that the normal Microsoft Partner doesn’t have. This translates into big benefits in getting all of your Microsoft Products to work together and keep you productive and free of down time.


  10. We are the superior option to having an in-house IT Staff – No sick time, vacation days, employment taxes, excuses, attitudes, lack of knowledge, or any of the other limitations of the in-house IT person. For a fraction of the price of one IT person's salary you hire an entire team with more experience, knowledge, and none of the drawbacks of employees. Outsourcing your IT is absolutely the best way to go whether you are a small organization or a large one.


  11. We know how to grow your business – Our Internet Marketing division can get you the results others have promised. Whether you’re not getting good qualified leads in through your website or not selling your products online, or even if you just need a refresh, we can help. We have been marketing and designing online since the 90′s and know what it takes to get your website converting!


  12. We are a FreedomIQ VoIP Telephone Master Dealer – Along with Computers, Servers, and Software, we can also help you procure the right telephone system for your office. Our flexible FreedomIQ VoIP telephone systems can scale from one phone to hundreds and are an affordable way for any business to get all of the features of a professional business telephone system without all of the hassle involved with an on-premise system. No more expensive repair bills on your phone system, because the phone system is hosted in the cloud. In addition, our system is ideal for businesses with multiple locations thanks to truly independent voice over IP technology allowing phones in multiple locations to be part of the same system without barriers or extra costs.

We Are Proud To Partner With The Best Companies In Technology

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