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What Is Your Tolerance For Down Time During A Backup Recovery?

Imagine this… your server goes down and you call your IT company to see what’s wrong. They tell you “it appears to be a problem with the servers hard drives and they are going to have to be replaced… but don’t worry, it’s under warranty and the Dell Guy will be there with the part tomorrow.”

This scenario is extremely common, especially in smaller businesses with only one two or three servers and no backup equipment on hand (who has budget for double the equipment?). So now what?

To start, you are now down for the rest of the day waiting on the replacement parts. OK you say, no problem. I can handle a few hours of down time and its not terribly far away from the end of the day anyway. Then tomorrow comes. In the early afternoon the UPS drivers shows up with the over night package and Hallelujah! We’re ready to rock and roll. The IT Guys show up an hour later and jump into action. After two more hours the server is all buttoned up and on but you are told that because of the drive replacement a full backup restore will have to be performed. This action will take between 8-12 hours to complete.

Day 3 starts with the technician coming in to see if the restore completed successfully. Luckily, it did! With a few more hours and a few more tweaks, everything is back to normal… or as normal as it was 3 days ago.

With so many organizations these days having hundreds of gigabytes of data stored on their servers the average time to recover from even simple disasters has sky rocketed from hours to days. Yet more and more businesses and non-profits rely on their computer networks for everything! Payroll, sales, services, product distribution, client communication. Everything relies on these computers. When they are down, the organization quickly loses thousands of dollars in lost billing, productivity, sales, reputation, and more. In fact, multiply your entire staff’s hourly rate by 24 business hours and that is the average amount of time you will be paying them to sit around and do nothing while the backup is recovered. Even a single incident across a 5 year time frame easily justifies a more intelligent solution than the typical backups most organizations have in place today (if they even have backup!).

Enter The Business Continuity Solution

With hundreds of organizations supported across the United States On Call has the experience to know that some organizations just can’t be down. The question to ask is “What is your tolerance to being down?” Is it days? Is it hours? Is it none at all? If you have asked yourself this question and the answer is something less than days then the answer you may be looking for could be a Business Continuity Solution from On Call. More than a backup, Our solutions can take snap shots of your critical servers and computers every hour (or even in real time!) and store them both locally and in the cloud. If there is ever an issue with your hardware (and statistics show there will be within 5 years for most servers) simply have us flip the switch and a virtualized version of your server or work station can be running within minutes and in some cases even seconds. Off site backup in case the building burns down? We’ve got that covered to with daily uploads of your backup to our east and west coast cloud data centers we can spin you up virtually no matter what happened. All of this is also monitored 24 hours a day by our team of backup operators to ensure that your backup is always running smoothly and there is never a surprise.

Without anyone’s pants on fire, we can then order parts, fix your old server or workstation, and then at a scheduled time in off hours push the current working server back over to your old fixed hardware to have you permanently backup and running with no down time. Seem like a pipe dream? Seem expensive? On Call has figured out ways to bring this enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution down to a price that makes sense for small businesses. The best part? Total piece of mind to know that you will never again experience a costly outage or be down. How’s that for piece of mind!