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How to work remotely with piece of mind

In this day and age the idea of working remotely seems to be the norm for many business people. Yet, the dangers of opening up your network to outside access could not be more real. Crypto locker viruses, torjan horses, and hacking are just the beginning of a wide range of problems your network is opened up to when you take the plunge into operating remotely. Fortunately, there are secure and compliant methods for working remotely that can significantly limit any dangers involved.

To start with, we always recommend an enterprise grade firewall with active packet inspection that has a built in network anti-virus component as well as a web filter. This must have piece of network security is the cornerstone to safely operating remotely. Without this kind of firewall you could be subject to unfiltered, un-logged access into your servers and computers. With it, you can precisely control access in and out.

Next, we recommend a comprehensive managed anti-virus component with remote monitoring always be deployed on any computers being accessed remotely and accessing computers in your office. This ensures that any possible virus infection as minimal chance of transitioning or even occurring.

Finally, if you need to have access via Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), we always recommend an RDP brute force blocking tool. Because brute force password attempts are so common you must protect yourself from this specific kind of attack with a purpose built tool.