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Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Upgrading To Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 & Microsoft Support In Tallahassee, FL

Many of our customers are looking for Windows 10 support in TallahasseeFL before they upgrade. While it is important to upgrade, you should read over the answers below to the top 10 questions to ask before upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 to make sure you are completely prepared. We are happy to offer full Microsoft support in TallahasseeFL for this upgrade or for any other issues you may have.

1. Is there any preparation I need before upgrading to Windows 10?

You should back up your computer before upgrading to Windows 10. There are some customers who have problems with this upgrade and having a backup of your computer will prevent any loss of data. You should also sign in with your Microsoft account #ID to ensure that changes sync across all of your devices.

2. What terminology changes occurred with Windows 10?

There is a small change in terminology which might confuse users. All applications are now referred to as Windows apps instead of Metro, Modern or Windows Store apps. The term Universal app is still used for apps that can be used on all devices.

3. Does Windows 10 bring back the Start Menu?

Windows 10 brings back the much-loved Start Menu in the lower left side of your screen. It is now in sections and can be easily customized. Using your cursor, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the Start menu or click “Resize” for standard sizing. You can customize group names by clicking on them and drag groups to combine them. You can also create new groups in blank areas. Select “Unpin from Start” to remove any tiles you don’t want.

The Settings page offers more customization.

4. How can I see all my apps?

The “All Apps” option allows you to view all the applications you use often. Using a “right click,” you will see all the recently opened files. For apps in alphabetical order, click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. To use an app, click on it. To uninstall an app, open the Start Menu, go to Settings>System, select the app and click the “Uninstall” link.

For Windows apps, you can now run them like desktop apps. You can minimize, close or resize Windows apps like desktop apps and use icons which you can customize.

5. How do I access my Microsoft account?

Go to the stacked icons on the bottom left of the screen to sign in and out of Windows, change any account settings or lock the computer.

6. How do I browse for files?

Windows Explorer is now renamed as File Explorer. To browse, go to the bottom left of the screen for File Explorer. You will also find Update & Security, Privacy, Ease of Access, Time & Language, Accounts, Personalization, Network & Internet, Devices, Settings, System and Power settings here.

7. How does Windows 10 work on a Tablet?

Windows 10 has a new feature called Continuum that detects the type of device you’re using and automatically adjusts the interface to suit it. For example, if you’re using a tablet with an attached keyboard, Continuum uses the desktop interface. When you disconnect the keyboard, it will ask you if you want to use Tablet Mode. Just click “yes” or click “Remember my response and don’t ask again” and Continuum will automatically switch to the right interface. The Tablet mode in Windows 10 utilizes the touch and swipe gestures you’re familiar with.

8. What are My People?

My People was introduced in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. My People allows you to pin your preferred contacts in the Windows taskbar so you can communicate with them without another application. To start, click the My People button on the right side of the taskbar, and a Get Started button will pop up. Follow the steps to set My People up.

9. What happened to Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer has been replaced with the Edge Browser as the default. It’s simply a faster, streamlined and better browser. It is also integrated with Cortana, the digital assistant that comes on automatically with Windows 10. You can use Cortana by typing in the field at the bottom left of your screen or set up the voice assistant in Settings>Talk to Cortana.

10. Can you explain the Action Center?

The Action Center displays notifications of all reminders, emails and other communications. You can set it up by swiping from the right, clicking the icon in the taskbar or selecting the Windows key + A. Notifications appear on the lower right and disappear on their own. You can adjust settings for the Action Center in each app. You can also turn off the notifications if you prefer.

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