Do You Wish Someone Could Just Come In And Take All Of This IT Stuff Off Your Plate So It's All Done For You So You Can Go Back To Concentrating On Your Real Job?

We’ll develop an affordable customized "Done For You" IT plan that will include EVERYTHING you need and NOTHING you don't.

Are You –

  • Frustrated With Slow-Running Computers?
  • Struggling With An Unresponsive Or Out Of Touch Computer Guy?
  • Worried About Your Cyber Security?
  • Not Sure About The Status Of Your Data Backups?
  • Mandated To Get Compliant But Not Sure Where To Start?
  • Ready To Get Moving On Growth But Need A Path Forward With IT And Someone To Manage It?
  • In Need Of A Real Cost Effective Plan In Place To Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?
  • In Need Of High Level IT Assistance For A Complex IT Project Or Backup For Your Current IT Department?

Our Clients Aren’t – Want To Know Why?

It’s because with our "Done For You" Managed IT Services they have access to a complete, affordable, custom fit IT Solution that was literally made for them like a tailor fitted suit. Our clients benefit from access to our knowledgeable IT professionals who are there for them 24 x 7, a complete hardware and software solution made just for them, and a comprehensive backup and cyber security plan that works backed by our auotmation and monitoring solutions.  

We manage and maintain all of our clients’ IT solutions for an affordable, monthly fee that allows them to budget IT predictably and reliably year round just like rent. This, along with our customized solutions, optimizes their technology operations, productivity, and efficiencies.

Our customers benefit from our certified team that provides up-to-date, cost-effective cloud solutions, data security, 99.9% uptime, disaster preparedness and recovery, and IT strategic planning that aligns with their short- and long-term goals.

Give us a try, and you’ll see the difference our services can make. As a prospective client, we are offering 2 FREE Hours of Computer Service, IT Consulting, Internet Marketing Consulting, or a Network Assessment. It’s your choice. This is the least we can do to show our appreciation for your interest.

With IT Managed Services From On Call Computer Solutions, You Can Work Without Interruptions And Save Money On Your Technology.

Your IT system will be protected from viruses and malware. And you’ll know that your software solutions are always properly updated and patched.

You’ll save money by switching from break/fix service that can cost you much more than you expect. We won’t prosper from your pain as other companies do. And, you’ll never get a surprise bill from us. Plus, we can help you budget for IT costs so you can always predict what you’ll need.

We’ll develop a customized IT plan that will accelerate the growth of your business, increase your operational efficiencies, ensure maximum productivity, and help you win new opportunities. We’ll learn about your organization and offer specific recommendations to improve your productivity and profitability. Plus, you can depend on us to only recommend what you need and nothing more.

Your data and systems will be protected with the best security solutions available today. We can monitor your network remotely 24 x 7 and stop intruders in their tracks.

We’ll also monitor your systems for issues that can slow you down or shut down your operations completely. We focus on preventing IT problems. The result is better performance, near zero downtime, and fewer IT interruptions. We detect problems early, sometimes before you even know they exist.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have access to your digital information. With our enterprise-based Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services, we’ll confirm that you can stay up and running no matter the IT disaster, manmade or natural.

With our Mobile Device Management, your employees can securely send and receive emails, collaborate on projects, share files, and store digital information. Your staff can use your business applications without worrying about compromised, stolen, or lost data.

We Know That

  • You Need Access To Your Technology 24 x 7.
  • You Deserve Value When It Comes To The Solutions You Use.
  • You Must Stay On Budget And Contain Computing Costs.

With IT Managed Services From On Call Computer Solutions, You Can Have All This And More.  

Cloud Solutions

You can’t ask for better value than with our cloud solutions. With remote servers you access over the Internet, you can store, process, and manage your data more efficiently. Today’s forward-thinking businesses (and most of our clients) use our cloud services to increase staff mobility, cut unnecessary costs, and benefit from a scalable IT environment.

vCIO & IT Consulting Services

Many small businesses try out new hardware, software, and other technologies only to find that they’re sitting on the shelf a year later. Our virtual CIO and IT Consultants will work with you to improve your organization’s IT operations with the best, most cost-effective technology solutions.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization is now the dominant computing platform for today’s businesses. It provides the accessibility and flexibility you need and will save you money on hardware and software. It partitions your servers into smaller virtual ones. Each of these virtual machines (VMs) runs its own operating system to maximize your server resources.

VoIP Telephones

Your clients are your organization’s most important asset. And, to satisfy them, you must provide an exceptional experience every time they call. Choosing the right business solution is extremely important for improving client service. This is where our VoIP service excels.

Computer Repair

On Call Computer Solutions is your local, qualified, and reliable computer repair shop. We provide high quality, affordable computer repair for businesses in the Virginia Beach Area.

Internet Marketing & Web Design

Our Internet Marketing Experts will do a thorough assessment, get to know your organization and target audience, and develop an Internet Marketing Plan and Web Design that reaches your prospects and convinces them to contact you.

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