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Voice Over IP Telephone Solutions

  • Get an 800 number or local virtual phone number in any area code and manage your business calls, voicemail & faxes anywhere.

    Get an 800 number or local virtual phone number in any area code and manage your business calls, voicemail & faxes anywhere.

    CloudNumber virtual phone service is designed to keep you moving and help you look more professional. Choose your new 800 number or local number, activate it instantly online with a free 30 day trial, and customize a greeting to answer and route all your business calls. Stay connected by calling out from your mobile phone with your business number as your caller ID and checking your voicemail and faxes wherever you go with our app for iOS and Android.

  • Get an 800 number or local virtual phone number in any area code and manage your business calls, voicemail & faxes anywhere.
  • Get plug-and-play enterprise quality business phones with unlimited calling for one low monthly rate.
  • Enjoy the reliability, quality, and features of an enterprise phone system, without the expense.



    Choose the Right Number for Your Business.

    Pick your choice of a professional 800 number for instant Fortune 500 credibility, get that next door neighbour feel with a local virtual number in your area code, or search by keyword to find the perfect vanity toll free number for your business.

    Already have a number you want to see about using with us? Transfer it on over for free.

    Make a Great First Impression on Every Call.

    Your CloudNumber automated attendant answers all of your calls with your custom greeting and makes you look like a pro by helping the caller easily get routed to you or the right person on your team.

    If you’re not around to answer, catch the opportunity by taking a message in the cloud that you can check from anywhere or get notified by email or text so that you can return the call without delay.

    Stay Connected – Everywhere You Go!

    We understand that you need to stay connected to your business, even when you’re on the go! Whether you need to listen to your voicemail messages, check out a fax, or call a client, the FreedomVoice mobile app transforms your cell phone or tablet into a more powerful business tool.

    With our mobile app, you can manage your phone system directly from your smart device. Make calls and present your CloudNumber business phone number as caller ID — from anywhere, on your mobile device, plus access your voicemails, faxes, use one-touch contacts dialing, and more!

    Enjoy Over-the-Top Quality & Reliability.

    We’ve spared no expense on building multiple data centers with top-tier high availability equipment and service redundancy failovers that are downright overkill.

    What does this mean for you? You get peace of mind knowing your 800 number or local number is backed by enterprise-grade architecture, giving you pristine call clarity and uptime ten times that of competing services.

    Work with People Who Give Their All.

    Talk to us and talk to a competitor, and the difference is apparent – or so our customers tell us.  We’ve watched phone support become an afterthought in our industry and we’re not having any of that here.

    Our Customer Care is a 100% dedicated team of experienced and friendly professionals. We pledge to treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve and to help you get the most out of your service.

    Dream It Up Big, and We’ll Build It.

    We’ve built our platform from the ground up, giving us unmatched flexibility in tailoring a solution to meet your needs. Give us a shot – we have a long history of exceeding expectations.

    Additional Features

    Port In Numbers
    Easily transfer toll free numbers or local numbers.
    Unlimited Line Capacity
    Never hear a busy signal with your toll free number.
    Toll Free Directory Listing
    Have your toll free number listed in the national directory.
    Online Faxing
    Send and receive important documents online.
    Call Blocking
    Reject unwanted calls by area code or specific number.
    Professional Voice Recordings
    Have your recordings created by talented professionals.
    After Hours Greeting
    Play a distinct greeting outside your business hours.
    Company Directory
    Give a detailed list to help callers reach the right extension.
    Let callers spell name of party trying to reach to route their call.
    Smart Number Routing
    Create routing rules by caller’s number or number they dialed.
    Unlimited Extensions
    Add extensions anytime with call forwarding and voicemail.
    Call Forwarding
    Deliver calls through extensions live to you or your team.
    Ring Groups
    Group multiple forwarding numbers with special ring options.
    Call Hunting
    Call down a list of phone numbers in order when forwarding.
    Simultaneous Ring
    Ring several phones at once on your forwarded calls.
    Call Rotation
    Evenly distribute incoming calls to a group of phone numbers.
    Call Queue
    Queue forwarded calls until you’re available to answer.
    Availability Scheduling
    Set the days and hours you want calls to forward.
    Immediate Forwarding
    Bypass attendant and forward callers to you directly.
    Custom Hold Music
    Upload your own hold music or promotional message.
    Hold Music Library
    Choose from Easy Listening, Jazz, Rock, or House selections.
    Dynamic Caller ID
    Choose caller’s phone number or your CloudNumber.
    Call Screening
    Choose to answer, send to voicemail, transfer, or hang up.
    Call Announce
    Hear a custom recording when answering a forwarded call.
    Call Whisper
    Ask callers to speak their name and hear it before answering.
    Call Record
    Record your calls and listen online for training or legal purposes.
    Call Transfer
    Send forwarded callers to another extension or voicemail.
    Put Callers on Hold
    Press the * key to put callers on hold with music.
    Q&A Voicemail
    Ask callers questions and connect responses in one message.
    Voicemail & Fax to Email
    Get your voice and fax messages in your Inbox.
    Voicemail Transcription
    Get your voicemail as text to win back hours of productivity.
    Secure Voicemail
    Password-protect your voicemail sent by email.
    File Compression
    Zip your voicemail by email to keep inbox load low.
    Check Messages by Phone
    Call in to your service from anywhere to check messages.
    Unlimited Users
    Create any number of user logins, choose who has admin rights.
    Visual Call Reports
    Review reports online to see call patterns and caller info.
    Call Capture
    Capture the phone number of all who call your toll free number.
    Name/Address Capture
    Look up your callers’ name and address. (optional – 10¢ / ea.)
    Voice Broadcasting
    Send a voice message to a list of phone numbers.
    Fax On Demand
    Upload a document callers can press a key to get by fax.