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IT Service For Medical Offices

IT Solutions For Medical OfficesOn Call knows that when it comes to the computers in your health care practice you just need them to work.

Every aspect of the practice is managed by computers and practices need more and more help with their technology in order to stay HIPAA compliant, PCI Compliant, and now HITECH compliant. Failure to be compliant can mean huge  fines. Just finding a technology firm that understands the unique needs of the medical industry’s day to day changes can be difficult. EMR, EHR, and other technology related acronyms are flooding the office manager’s to-do list and above all else you need to be able to provide an always on, always available technology infrastructure in order to operate in the most profitable way possible.

For Doctors and medical professionals On Call has good news: Our On Call-Complete™ for the medical industry has everything you need to effectively plan, manage, and maintain the technology in your practice while helping you to meet compliance needs. In addition we can assist you in the transition to using electronic medical records and make sure your solutions operate the way they should and are accessible anywhere you need them. To learn more, give us a call right now at (757) 785 9829 and ask for one of our medical technology specialists.