“Despite having a larger very credible vendor we began to notice that their response to smaller issues was beginning to become more and more delayed. When even simple questions began to take days to answer we knew that it was time to revisit the market to see what our options were. We interviewed several of the areas larger I.T. companies and were very impressed with what the local market had to offer. One company in particular, On Call Computer Solutions, spent a great deal of time with us getting to know our system very thoroughly, utilizing special network analysis software, and taking a lot of time to hear and understand our needs and desires from an operations perspective. I had never seen an I.T. company be more thorough with anything and it was nice to see a company who understood listening to its potential clients from both a technical and non-technical perspective. After a few days of working with their internal engineers to create a customized management solution for us, I was shocked to learn that they had discovered our server had 2 out of 3 hard drives going bad in it and we were in imminent danger of a server crash. This was something that no other vendor picked up on. In fact, our current service provider at the time was supposed to be “monitoring the network” for exactly this kind of issue. The On Call representative took the time to pull the front cover off of the server and show me how the server hard drive lights were blinking yellow and needed to be fixed as soon as possible… something that my previous company did not pick up on and could have caused very serious problems. After reviewing all of our options I recommended to our board that we choose On Call as our Trusted Technology Advisers. Since our onboarding, we have been very pleased with our choice. Our server was very quickly repaired easily and without downtime under guidance from On Call and we have fixed various issues and addressed cybersecurity concerns around the office. Best of all the thoroughness we witnessed during the interview process carries through to all aspects of their company. They respond quickly to all issues, not just major ones, and are a great partner to count on when we have technology questions along with basic repairs, maintenance, and upkeep. After learning about On Call’s special niche in the construction and contracting industry we have chosen to endorse On Call Computer Solutions as our official Technology Company of choice and we regularly pass this recommendation on to our members. We are extremely pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to any organization looking for the best and most cost effective solution to managing computer technology and websites.”